About ADS Associates

ADS Associates started its functioning in August 2004. We are constantly innovating to bring you the dream homes that are in synchronization with changing times. ADS Associates is incorporated to provide high quality luxury apartments with modern out look and urban facilities. We are committed to deliver our quality projects on time, has paid off in a big way and we intend to uphold our policy of maintaining the fulfillment of our clients dreams as our 1st priority.

ADS Associates is a network of professionals who can effectively manage industry issues to the satisfaction of our customers. The company has strong manpower in various levels of its operation. Quality, trust, and time are always winning words for us. We are a rapid growing company in the market and we constructed more than 3 Lakhs sq ft build up area in Trivandrum

Your dream home! . Its one of the important thing that you passionately want to own. A dream that represents years of your efforts. The luxuries you give up the pleasure you get from adding to your savings each month, towards realizing that dreams.

Your home, your world, a place that welcomes you at the end of each grueling day on to its cozy warmth, a place that gives you your nicest moments, a place that mould your life style and shape the destiny of your children.

At ADS ASSOCIATES we realize what your dream means to you, we are always there for you. Building the best value for you in the best locations, creating all new designs that combine tradition with innovation to fit the way you live today.

" Your dream is our commitment "

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